Thursday, April 30, 2020

2020 So far

The year 2020 is going to leave a lasting impact on each one of us. Living everyday itself is a challenge . There’s lots happening around us and within us . To battle this , you have to make yourself very strong , focused, and to live in the moment . Take each day as it comes . Do not plan much . This pandemic has taught all of us a very important lesson . The best laid plans can go awry in a few seconds . “Man proposes and God disposes “. Time and again i used to read this quote. But today I can say it’s exactly what is happening. There’s a lot of turmoil and chaos within us and around us . Focus on what is achievable.”It’s human to err”. Let that not frighten you . Good morning people. Have a blessed day ahead 😊Remember you are not alone. We are all in it together 😊

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Quarantine Essentials

  1. A self care routine devised specially and tailor made according to your requirement
  2. A dose of excessive self love
  3. A home spa
  4. Connecting with friends n family
  5. Do what your heart feels like
  6. The day you don’t feel like , let it go  , one day doesn’t matter
  7. Don’t drive yourself round the bend.
  8. Learn to respect yourself- you matter and you are important.
  9. Endless dose of coffee ☕ N Tea.
  10. Chocolates and ice- creams top essentials 
  11. Take each day as it comes 
  12.  Fit in a fitness regime of your choice- dance, Zumba , yoga . Anything which makes you happy
  13. Don’t worry, stay happy - the top most requisite
  14. Don’t forget your million dollar smile 😊
  15. Stay safe# stay hydrated

Sunday, April 26, 2020

What we have is all lying unused

I came across this quote and felt it to be so apt in today’s times . What we have is all lying unused. What is taking us through this tough time is, our perseverance, our faith , our soul and our spirit . The strong “you” . The undefeated “ you” . The selfless” you”. The humanitarian “ you” . Strengthen the “you”. Rest will feel like a cake walk. 

Good morning people. Have a blessed day ahead. And don’t forget to wear your smile at all times😊

The unknown is always scary

The unknown is always scary. But unless you step into the unknown how will you be able to live better in the known . Sometimes we have to be shaken and rattled a bit , so that we are able to perform and excel better. As humans we tend to create our comfort zones and become complacent. But things like these teach us to push ourselves a little more. 

Good morning people. Have a blessed day ahead 😊

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

And very close to my heart...

This is so true. And very close to my heart. The best I performed in life when it was the hardest . It was like I had this  flow of insurmountable energy . Not that it’s easy. It’s very hard . I know there are days , that we just want to curl in bed and do nothing all day. And there are days when you want to pack 48 hours into 24 hours. Whatever push yourself, but when your body rebels. Respect it . This is what I learnt in yoga . Your body send’s signals. Listen to those signals and stop. 

Good day people. Have a lovely day ahead 😊

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Welcome everything that life throws at you

Welcome everything that life throws at you . Just as we need the good times , the bad times also impart valuable lessons . You become stronger in your journey , when you emerge out confident, of all situations. Do not shy away from sorrow or pain . For a human to evolve, you need both . They are just two sides of the coin , just like how we are 😊stay blessed # stay safe and let your smile rule the day πŸ’• Good morning

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Secular fabric of our nation

Time and again I’m deeply saddened to read very hate generating posts. India was a beautiful secular country. That was our USP.  Please don’t tamper with it . Islam is a very scientific and a practical and a peace loving religion .The basic tenet is Humanity . Today in this time of crisis we have been asked by our respective religions heads to do as much charity as possible and do not wait for the holy month Ramzan. Keep doing no questions asked . Doesn’t matter what religion, caste , creed you belong to. They are humans first and foremost. Rest doesn’t matter . Please don’t judge Islam by a few terrorists. Surpass that and understand. If we keep looking for the bad. There will always be something to be found. Look for the good and then you will understand anything better. Every religion says the same. Humanity is preached the same whether it’s in Arabic, Sanskrit or whatever language 😊Good morning people.

Have a safe n blessed day 😊

College memories

It’s beautiful connecting to all my college buddies. All the beautiful memories we had made in 3 years . Our sneaking out from college. Bunking and going for a movie or just going to bakers inn and having our favorite snack. We would be gulping our milkshakes at wimpy‘s in  fear of being caught by our lecturers or any of the parent. Those were the days... the  good ole days of college . The college fete ,.the competitions. The fun, the carefree attitude. Just friends  and us . We didn’t bother about clothes . Anything would do. Jeans was our fav. The lunch hour at the footpath. 

The giggles , jokes and new plans. 

How I miss those days 😊

Leisure during the Lockdown

Don’t kill yourself if you didn’t do much. 
You are not on a straight jacket agenda anymore. 
Humans have a strong urge to fall back to their conditioning time n again. 
It’s okay if you just sat around. 
It’s okay if you planned to clean the entire kitchen and ended up doing just one shelf. 
It’s okay if you didn’t do the laundry. 
It’s okay if you cooked a quick easy meal. Just be proud of yourself. 
You achieved what you felt like. 
Learn to say it’s okay. 
We live in a society which is strongly conditioned to point out mistakes very quickly but the praises and compliments are very slow in coming. 
All you lovelies and beauties you are doing an excellent job. 
Give a pat on your back and say I’m the best. 
Rest don’t matter. Stay safe # stay blessed and don’t forget your smile 😊

Saturday, April 18, 2020


The times are hard . But harder than that is to remain serene and calm during these troubled times. The juggling of many roles , specially by women , it’s definitely not an easy task . Keeping emotions in check , balancing the odds. The biggest challenge is the juggling of roles . She’s working and she’s doubly working at home. To strike the perfect balance is an art in itself and commendable . At the end of the day she’s still smiling . Respect them . They are doing a lot . They are officially the chauffeurs, Shoppers , cook , cleaners , friend , confidante and numerous more roles . A woman is multi faceted , true . But everyone has their breaking point . So all you lovelies there , hang in there . Good times are round the corner .if you feel like having a good cry , go ahead. It’s actually healthy . Do whatever it takes to hang on to your sanity. A good laugh πŸ˜† and a good sleep goes a long way in keeping you balanced . And lastly don’t forget your million dollar smile 😊. It’s your most prized possession .This goes out to all the wonderful women out there . Each one of you is special and unique 😊

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

God’s own little Painting

I stood out on my terrace one beautiful morning. 
The image in front of me was breathtaking. 
I had not seen such beautiful shades of golden and yellow in my lifetime. 
It was like, this particular morning, he was in mood to paint too. 
The canvas was painted in gentle hues of golden yellow merging into Russet . 
The palm tree stood tall and elegant . 
The sea was a beautiful clear mirror , just imaging the canvas , without Even moving. 
It stood still. 
It didn’t want to take a breath. 
In fear that his one gentle breath would spoil the breath taking image. 
It was the sun who shone the most beautiful. Lending his light perfectly to different parts of the sky . The writer in me stirred. Impatient to pen down . 
As I stand gazing. I got immersed in my writing. The tender beautiful strokes of the brush . Beautifully brush the canvas in a kaleidoscope of colours😊

Things we shouldn’t take for granted after all this is over

1) A walk out in the open
2) A coffee ☕️ evening with a friend
3) Luncheons and pot lucks
4) Long drives with your favourite music 🎢 playing
5) A walk in the park
6) Weddings
7) concerts
8) Movie evening at the mall
9) Spa day
10) A day at the mall
11) Simple fun events
12)celebrations/ festivals
14)Precious time spent with friends
15) Late night drive and your favourite ice- cream
16) Life Itself

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Cousins and memories

As I face time with my childhood cousins and friends . So many beautiful memories keep resurfacing. Simple joys and little pleasures which had meant so much to each of us . Each of us have held on to all those special memories. Memories of how we used to play . The games improvised and newly devised by us. How we would sneak out to play , when we had a list of chores to be done . The long list given to us by our elders . How we use to cover up for each other . Collect our pocket money and pool in to have a little party by ourselves. We would be waiting impatiently for our vacations , supposedly do as we felt like . In reality, never , because our plans would be strongly vetoed by our elders.Weddings used to be the best time . The fun of dressing up, the yummmy spreads we would be eagerly looking forward to and the after party late nights . Next morning we would be in for long lectures. We would be greeted in the morning by” Look at uyour faces , you’ll were up till late night”.
The following night it would be the same story. Years passed we grew older , more involved in our lives . Today amidst the lockdown as I sit in solitude reminiscing my dear , heartfelt memories. I just thank the almighty for such beautiful memories. Stay safe# stay blessed # Make beautiful memories so that one day when we look back, we’ll have more to treasure

Easter 🐣

My beautiful Easter memories
Little things and little joys truly mean a lot
When you look back on childhood memories
You have a lot to keep dear and close
In your life Album
I still remember clearly
How excited we would be for Easter
Painting our eggs in colourful Hues
And laden and coated with chocolate 🍫
Having a beautiful Easter High tea party
Dressed in our party best
Exchanging gifts
Wishing the best
All those beautiful joyous moments and memories
I greatly treasure in my little heart
And have saved in my life Album
Happy Easter !!!!
Stay blessed # Stay safe

Friday, April 10, 2020

"World under Renovation"

Stay positive. Stay safe . We are going to open shortly with a bang . 
We are re - opening with something special soon . Keep posted and updated here.
Reporting straight from the “ The Global citizen outlook”😊

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Let that always shine

When I read this . It made me angry. As humans we are always dissatisfied and putting pressure. 
Why should I come out with a new skill. It’s okay if you have learnt nothing or done nothing. When he has given you the time voluntarily to take time off. Then why do we need to Adhere to some norms and standards set by others. You don’t have to do anything. Just be you and do what your heart desires . If it’s nothing, then it’s nothing. This goes out specially to all the beautiful women out there . If you haven’t learnt any new skill. It’s totally okay. If you haven’t emerged as a better cook . 
It’s totally fine . If you have not mastered any other skill. It’s okay . You are beautiful just the way you are. If you have not disciplined yourself for a workout. You don’t need to feel miserable. You are still beautiful, still unique and still awesome. Beauty is defined by the inner you 😊Let that always shine 😊

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


I met countless people in my journey
The journey called Life
Throughout the journey people met me

Sometimes people left
Sometimes circumstances took them away
Sometimes Death
But the ones that left a lasting impression on my mind and soul
 the ones who heard me
when I didn’t speak
Who heard the silent pain
Who heard the tears in my voice
Who heard the unspoken
Who heard me the loudest when I was the quietest
When we express everyone hears
The ones who truly love you , they just need to hear the unspoken you
 The ones who are connected to your heart and soul
Are the ones who hear the unexpressed emotions
Respect these people
And keep them close
Because they are sent as angels from the beyond
I always feel the almighty leaves some angels for us
To take care of us
Stay blessed and stay safe

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Love at first sight

As she left for work every morning. There was a weight on her shoulders. It looked like she carried all the burden of the world on her tender shoulders. A deep sadness reflected in her eyes .  There was never a smile glazing her lips . Even if there chanced one , it was a forced one . He would look at her everyday. And as he saw her more n more . He had this deep restlessness within him. He wanted to take all her pain n give her the world’s happiness. Lay it at her feet in a platter . Days , turned into weeks , weeks into months . Then Destiny got tired and played it’s hand . They chanced upon each other at the wedding. For him time stood still . She looked at him for the first time . Unaware of the multitude of his feelings...... To be continued in the next post

Monday, April 6, 2020

Tips for living during the lockdown:

Tips for living during the lockdown:
1) Do what your heart feels like doing 2)Don’t listen to your mind much- it’s making you do things 😁😁that your heart doesn’t want to
3)Don’t stress if your are not following any agendas - these are agenda less days ! Finally
4) Dress as you please
5) Beauty is skin deep - Take care of your skin( after all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder) beholders are also in lockdown πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
6) workout regime - household chores - ( sweeping , mopping , dish washing n cooking ) if any energy still left - Deep breathing
7) Natural weight lifting - lifting heavy grocery bags n huge water cans
8)Home spa rituals in Abundance
9) fluids galore- Hydration is the key
10) Smile 😊 Essential at all times
11) unleash the creative genius ... there’s one lurking underneath
12) Meditation- prayer- Gratitude
This too will pass - it’s just a roller coaster ride - Hold tight n stay still n stay safe
A little bit of humor takes away a load of stress 😊

In the dead silence

In the dead silence of the city
As I ventured out for my essentials
I had never seen the streets so deserted n quiet
In fact at times I turn around n re- check it
Wondering if it’s the same one
But surprisingly all this is not eerie
It’s a beautiful calm
Heartbeats πŸ’— r not rushed
Life style is slow paced n home based
No deafening silence
But a quiet solitude
No alarms ringing
Children enjoying quality time
No rushing to schools n tuitions
Just quality me- time
Time to pursue your long left hobbies
The almighty had a plan
Nature is blossoming
The animals are proclaiming their once lost habitat again
As I sit penning these lines in the solitude of the open
I hear the peaceful beat of my heart
Assured n peaceful

Deep In the woods

On a dark still night
There was a
still n calm
The moon shone shyly
 She stepped out
N walked the long stretches
Always envying the calm
Which she found on the beach
Or in the cabin in the woods
But today when she steps out
After a long time she found that same calm
In the concrete jungle
She could see a cleaner clearer path
The path towards holistic , wholesome living
The path to meditative therapeutic breathing
The path to healthier eating
The path to a better living
The path to a better understanding
The path to learning to be humane
Each day a new lesson in learning
But she still yearned for her woods n the beach 😊


Lost In the whirlpool of time
Lost in the multitude of emotions
Lost in the effervescence of emotions
Lost in the joy of living
Lost in the race for survival
Lost in the chaos
O’ Human
When are you not  lost
When you have everything
Still the search n hunger within you is not satiated
N neither are you satisfied
But now when I have given you so much quiet time to ponder
Sit n think what you truly hold dear
I might not give you another chance
N you might only be left with lost time n regrets
Don’t let your life be a series of lost chances n regrets
Stay safe # stay blessed

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Exotically beautiful

Your beauty speaks volumes...
Yet you say no word....
You whisper a thousand things
But none can hear you.... 
in the end you just leave your beauty to speak for you.....
O’ beautiful one ! Weep not... the stars watch you and the sun and moon smile at you with longing.... what more do u need.. timeless beauty ... 
Exotically spun n woven in beautiful hues... you are classy ... timeless .... 
Exotically beautiful 

Friday, April 3, 2020


The chirpy bird
Called out to her
O’ chirpier one
Why r u quiet
The blossoming flower called out
O’ sweet one
We miss your resonating laughter
The sun shone at her n said
Hey! Bright one
Where is your brightness today
The stars 🌟⭐ twinkling in the night sky called out
O’ our own twinkly star
Why is there no twinkle in your eyes today
The moon shone brightly
N looked for her in the brilliance
Where is my white brilliant light
Why is she missing
She emerged out for their selfless love
She dazzled n shone in their love again
Nature was where she was at home the most
N basked in their light, warmth n selfless love πŸ˜ŠπŸ’—

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...