Monday, March 30, 2020


Today the world is in the grip of the most deadliest virus the mankind has ever seen . But in my quiet moments when I had time with the almighty for a heart to heart talk ... so many unanswered questions kept coming up ...I could hear the smile as he started answering... my best creation had become the most mechanical... emotions were running cold ... Humanity was hanging on a thin thread ... earth was almost getting wiped out... you’ll had gone so ahead becoming mechanical ... that at times you’ll even forgot to take a deep breath... I had to halt this... Death is inevitable.. sooner or later everyone has to perish but before that I want you to live ... today in the confines of your concrete jungle which you have so surreptitiously built ... you  will learn a lot of important lessons.. in the end he said “ fear not” I’m still listening 😊u pray n I shall grant you.... He’s still listening # pray # stay blessed n stay safe” need of the hour “ isolation 

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