Monday, March 30, 2020


Today the world is in the grip of the most deadliest virus the mankind has ever seen . But in my quiet moments when I had time with the almighty for a heart to heart talk ... so many unanswered questions kept coming up ...I could hear the smile as he started answering... my best creation had become the most mechanical... emotions were running cold ... Humanity was hanging on a thin thread ... earth was almost getting wiped out... you’ll had gone so ahead becoming mechanical ... that at times you’ll even forgot to take a deep breath... I had to halt this... Death is inevitable.. sooner or later everyone has to perish but before that I want you to live ... today in the confines of your concrete jungle which you have so surreptitiously built ... you  will learn a lot of important lessons.. in the end he said “ fear not” I’m still listening 😊u pray n I shall grant you.... He’s still listening # pray # stay blessed n stay safe” need of the hour “ isolation 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Man started becoming human again

he lull before the storm
Tsunami was not taken seriously
Nature sat dejected
Calamities were over looked
Nature pleaded
Animals n birds cried for their habitat
But man was busy building a concrete jungle
Cold n cemented
The nature was turning cold
Universe stood deep in thought
How could men be stopped
Then a little virus whispered
Let me out
N change the lifestyle of each n everyone
What they have taken for granted
Will be valued
Everything stopped , seized ,man was caged in his own concrete jungle
The animals came out in the open for once took a deep breath
Nature started healing
Man started becoming human again

Friday, March 20, 2020

Live in the moment

Live in the moment
she kept hearing This again n again. Would always think what Is the rush...such a long life ahead. Who knew universe had other plans....her long life had been reduced to hours, minutes ,, weeks....n one Day she Just left, no good byes no farewells Just an empty void left behind for all her loved ones. Just some thoughts which came This morning. From my yoga teacher the first thing I learnt was"Learn to Be in the moment". Enjoy the moment. We only have This moment nothing Is promised....which Is So True....the évent called "life" multitude of évents not know when It cease to exists So truly live in the moment..The rest the universe Will take care...Good Morning people...Have a Great Day...n keep smiling😊

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Social distancing

Social distancing is the requirement of the hour ... but social distancing does not mean you have to distance yourself  from them in being connected... keep the communication open by social media , phone calls, video calls ... u can still be connected.. just not meet them physically.... self isolation is important for the well being of many ... let’s not get selfish ... be loving , be connected but let’s be humanitarian too... we r combating a dreadful virus ... the whole world is in it together... let’s join hands n be one ... n take the precautions seriously n strictly adhere to it .... stay blessed stay happy n lastly stay safe 😊it’s just a bend in the road not the end-

Monday, March 16, 2020

Peace, calm and serenity

Happiness , calmness n serenity they all joined hands . They wanted to visit different places in the world and make their presence felt . But each time they tried entering, they were pushed afar. Sometimes by a dreadful virus , sometimes by the ego of men , sometimes by hate n sometimes by animosity. They stood dejected n heart broken in the corner. They spoke amongst themselves... “today the human race needs us more than ever” yet they still don’t understand... but when they moved a little further not giving up hope they found a small group of happy carefree children n they were welcomed in their midst with open arms 😊Peace , calm n serenity the need of the hour

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Stay Safe Stay Blessed

The panic in the world and the chaos all around is truly scary. I feel I’m part of some movie . Which I used to watch but actually in reality it’s happening. But when I had some quiet moments to myself yesterday. I thought... why the panic there is someone up there till listening watching .... he’s going to iron out all this very soon... it’s just part of the journey.... not the end .... there are still roads to be traveled unknown... stay strong stay calm n don’t panic .... enjoy the quiet moments ... take up all the things you didn’t have time for earlier... in every action of the almighty there’s always a hidden blessing... stay safe stay strong n stay blessed 😊

Sunday, March 8, 2020


They time n again asked me what makes you special
I smiled n answered being a woman
I walked many roles in my life
And sailed through many emotions
For every role there was no rule book
Only experience n life were the teachers who stood patiently
By my side n taught me
Women are a beautiful creation of God
Every time she dawned different roles
The universe also stood in Awe
The creator was amazed too
This is truly my best creation
Women can be as soft as butter
When the time comes she can have nerves of steel
 A Woman has the power to be soft delicate
Strong n fierce at the same time
This goes out to all the beautiful wonderful women out there
Stay blessed 😁n keep Rocking
And always smile ... that’s your signature style
Don’t let anyone take that from you😁

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The bliss moment

The bliss moment
They always wondered the smile which glazed her lips
The sheen in her eyes
What brought her happiness
An afternoon spent out with friends
A coffee ☕ break
With people who loved her unconditionally
Her favourite late night stop at the ice - cream joint
A late night drive with the wind in her hair
Her favourite music playing
Sudden urge of friend therapy
A relaxed evening by the beach
With endless chatter with her friends
A day out in the open
The early morning yoga
With the sun rising in the sky
A walk in the morning  at the park
Her serene n quiet morning with her
Morning newspaper n a huge mug of cappuccino
Some of her total bliss moments 😁😁

Monday, March 2, 2020


The different hues of pink
Always manage to bring a smile
I feel my best when I wear you
Whether you r adorned your brightest or the palest
In an outfit
Or  a lipstick
Or a beautiful bouquet or
Shining your radiant self in a candlelight setting
U manage to brighten the whole
I just love n feel vibrant
When I’m dressed in different hues of your colour
The shades of pink which paint the sky
Also paint my little universe n world
And always make my little heart flutter
The day I’m dressed in one of your shades
I feel on top of the world
Colours do affect your mood
Pink is a colour which manages to brighten many a dull mornings 😊

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