Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Emergence of 2020

Emergence of 2020
As I sat under the canopy of trees. With the  chirping of birds the soft sounds of nature. I felt deep serenity within me. My warm coffee ☕ mug lay enveloped in my hands. The soft breeze . Only sounds of nature gave me company. As I sat deep in thought thinking of the past decades . Few memories came unbridled to my mind. Few lay completely forgotten . Just a gentle sprinkle of moments. The sun lazily painted its hues in the sky . I kept looking at it. Then smiled n just said a simple Thank you. Blessings n Gratitude. The crux of life . Gratitude defines what shall be laid out in the future. Leave the rest to what shall be. Have a Rocking day and a blessed year ahead. .. Don’t forget your smile😊

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