Friday, January 17, 2020

Woes of children

Woes of children 
Give me a pill which will help me to forget pain
Give me something which will kill my hunger for life
Give me something to numb the pain
Give me something to dry my tears for life
Can you give me something which will not let me feel pain again
Which will not let me cry
Woes of children
From the war torn regions
We don’t have food
We don’t have water
We don’t have shelters
What we have
Is pain
A deep searing pain
Tears of blood
Scars deeply embedded in our hearts n souls
Yes this  is what we have
The music we hear
Is the noise of explosions
Splintering glass
The rhythmic drum of the drone
The deafening noise of the
These are rhymes n rhythmic music
This is the world we know
A 😔 sad , horrific world-

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