Tuesday, January 21, 2020

An ode to my father’s memories

An ode to my father’s memories
34 years ago u left suddenly for your long journey... the house where we had so many memories with you ... we were leaving and moving... packing our belongings n memories. I still remember that moment so clearly when Mummy told me  to go n check my  room  for the last time, to see if , I had packed everything. I went into my room ... looked closely n silently around ..  the window where I waited for you to return from work.. the corner where I would play .... where I would read n learn from you .....thinking of all those beautiful moments ,I had to pack in my tender little heart. I packed it and tied it with a string and placed it deep within me. As we left the house , one last time , I turned around and looked at the door willing it to open for one last time. Alas! It never opened again and I ventured into unchartered waters , unaware of what lay ahead-

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