Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year-end 2019

As the year comes to an end. There are a lot of mixed feelings. Some hopes dreams left unfulfilled. Hope to fulfill them in 2020. But one important lesson I learnt is , life is nothing but just a sum of moments. Some bring a smile . Some tears. But life in the end boils down to that. At the end of the day . You leave the world with what you have packed in your heart. So Make sure you have beautiful memories n moments to pack. Looking forward to 2020. Wishing for love happiness n peace in the world and all your lives. Have a smashing 2020. May you be blessed with the best Each one of you😊

Monday, December 16, 2019

Mother India

Mother India
You fought for me to be free
Countless sons of mine
From every walk of life, creed n caste
Came together n gave me freedom
But my daughters
What about them??
Sometimes you kill them at birth
N bury them
Do u ever realise how my heart bleeds then
Sometimes you burn my daughters in the name of dowry
My daughters are not safe
Somewhere there is a Nirbhaya and somewhere a Disha
Now you ask my children to go away from here
Do u ever realise how do I feel as a mother
Can a mother let some of her children just go away
My heart bleeds
My eyes shed tears of blood
I feel empty n desolate
I’m burning!! O’ children
Don’t impinge me in your laws n send my children away
Think of my plight

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Every human’s primary n basic need in life is just so simple. The need to be understood. Sometimes we spend a lifetime just in the search of it. But do we actually ever get understood. Being understanding n being understood is the balance of our life. Half the journey is spent in being understanding n the other half goes in being understood. In the end we realise we are actually never understood. Only he understands us best who created us. So just enjoy the journey. Forget being understood 😊

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A bag full of wishes

A bag full of wishes
The streets were lined with hues of red n green
Mistletoes , candies , candles decorated everyone’s hearth
Wreaths painted in different shades of red green gold n silver
Gave a decorative feel
Her Christmas tree looked beautiful
Resplendent in its beauty
The angel looked peaceful
Yet what were her eyes searching for
What was her heart yearning for
She secretly made a wish n smiled n looked up
She was sure her guardian angel had heard her
This time it was a bag full of wishes
In the evening when she had finished baking her batch of cookies
Her friends had come n joined in the festivities
Yet there was a deep quiet within her
N suddenly the doorbell rang
And there at the threshold her most priced wish stood
Lighting her whole world in a beautiful soft golden hue
He said “ merry Christmas “
N it was truly merrier for her

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The women of India

The women of India
Plead for a safer India
The need of the hour
An India where women can breathe safely
Not keep looking behind their shoulder
When a girl leaves her house
The mother shouldn’t be wondering
How safe will my daughter be
If we don’t instil fear in the rapists n brutes
There would be Nirbhaya in every nook n corner
The girls r not safe out in the open
Neither in their homes
Nor in schools or colleges
So where are they safe???
Every woman has this question n worry
Change the laws... n make India the safest country for women

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