Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Unstoppable, unshakable she surged
Through the tide of time
Sometimes the waves were high
Sometimes they were gentle n tender like a new born’s breath
Sometimes the swirl of time was harsh
N sometimes it was more gentle then the soft chirping of the bird
Sometimes the wave was gently twirling like a ripple of the ocean
The tide of time took in its midst
Sometimes it threw back
She stood patiently near the shore of life
Ready always for the tide of time
Then one day the tide came n gently caressed her feet
N longingly looked at her
With tenderness n surrendered defeat
U have won o’ gentle lass
He said n went back taking with him the turbulence of tide
Just a soothing reassuring silence greeted her
Soft n filled with the brilliance of colours-

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