Monday, November 25, 2019

Deep in the wilderness of the heart

Deep in the wilderness of the heart
A rose garden blossomed in its midst
The wilderness shielded it’s beauty
Very few could see n feel it
But once they stood in the rose garden
There was only beauty n tranquility all around
Each rose 🌹 had a story untold
Each blossomed rose shone to its best
But the thorns reminded
That the rose’s journey had not been easy
But when u saw it’s beauty
U forgot everything but it’s fragrance n softness
The dewy petals shone to its fullest
The clouds shielded n protected
The sun shone tenderly n lovingly
Amidst the wilderness could there be really something so beautifully blossoming
She stood thinking
It felt like each rose wanted her to hear their story
She stood amidst them
Lent her ear to each of them
They lovingly told her about their journey
She was lost to the world once more
Caressed n cocooned in their 💕 love-

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