Thursday, October 24, 2019

Being Positive

As I walked the path of life
Strewn with a multitude of things
Sometimes it was pleasant
Sometimes unpleasant
At times it was illuminating n joyous
At times challenging
As I looked more n more with positivity
Towards unknown destinations n paths
I felt more n more doors open with positiveness
Today I make a strong intention every morning to introduce more positivity in my day
N I feel a shift
And it feels good
Strong positive intention, wishful thinking n gratitude

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Coffee under the willow trees

Coffee under the willow trees
The meadows smiled
A beautiful shade of red
The trees blossomed
With apples and oranges afar
The sweet fragrance of fresh fruits
Filled the orchard a new
I sat with my pretty little basket of flowers
Watching the stream gently curve its way
The dainty sandwiches 🥪, the scones filled with cream
Stood patiently waiting
To be polished
With my coffee cup in hand
I sat lost in the wilderness
Beautiful and raw
The dusk started creeping lazily
Gently touching the horizon
In shades of russet n browns
I was lost with
My coffee under the willows
The serenity of dusk
Held me mesemerised
The gentle sounds of the open
Were the most soothing n meditative
This was what the willows did😊8

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