Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dreams unknown

Dreams unknown
Destinations yonder
Roads diverging
I set out on the path called life
Countless turns
Immeasurable stops
Memories uncountable
Some forgotten
Some remembered
O’ life
Where though take me
I still wait patiently at a stop under the mountain Ridges
I know not what the next stop beholds
But yonder yester today all take me
Somewhere unknown n beautiful
Rainbows, rivers they all pass me
The sun smiles
Waits with me for sometime
The stars twinkle n ask” o’ lass where though go next
I look at them n say “ I know not”
Where life holds my hand and takes me next
I still wait patiently under the mountain ridges
Amidst the stillness of the night
The hooting of the owl
The soft fire 🔥 of the lights beyond
I still wait- 

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