Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dreams unknown

Dreams unknown
Destinations yonder
Roads diverging
I set out on the path called life
Countless turns
Immeasurable stops
Memories uncountable
Some forgotten
Some remembered
O’ life
Where though take me
I still wait patiently at a stop under the mountain Ridges
I know not what the next stop beholds
But yonder yester today all take me
Somewhere unknown n beautiful
Rainbows, rivers they all pass me
The sun smiles
Waits with me for sometime
The stars twinkle n ask” o’ lass where though go next
I look at them n say “ I know not”
Where life holds my hand and takes me next
I still wait patiently under the mountain ridges
Amidst the stillness of the night
The hooting of the owl
The soft fire 🔥 of the lights beyond
I still wait- 

The first teacher

A mother the first teacher confidant n a true friend of their child’s. All rolled in one. She hands over a piece of herself to the second mother called” Teacher” . A teacher is a mother away from home in a second Home called School. Compassionate, motivating, friendly, loving n encouraging and a counsellor is what I understand in being a teacher. Academics should be last. It’s our sole responsibility to shape them into better, humane compassionate human beings for a better tomorrow.... so that they go out n heal the world n make it a better place to live.”  Happy Teacher’s Day “to all the lovely Mummies N teachers out there. Stay blessed n keep smiling

Monday, September 9, 2019

We will never forget you!

The skies wept
The moon looked shadowed n sad
The sun looked dim in attendance
Nature stood still
The universe looked sad n black
Millions at your doorstep
Many more millions in every nook n corner of the world
Dismayed , sad n heart rended
One voice rants in the vicinity of Karbala
But millions around the world echo the same
Labbaik ya Hussain... Labbaik ya Hussain
We love you Imam Hussain
N it’s our promise
We will never forget u
Abbad wallah ya Zahra.. MA Ninsa Hussaina...😔

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...