Saturday, July 20, 2019

Silver Lining

She looked up at the stormy skies ... the rain laden skies...the clouds with their silver lining when She looked down ... she saw the twinkly eyes of the children.... the fresh brilliant smiles ... the swishy swash  swishy swash.... it went on in the puddles .... the making n sinking of the paper boats for them equivalent to the sinking of the Titanic.... that’s when she understood the phrase” never let the child inside you die” the purest form of joy.... as she ventured to play with them.... then sat with them at the makeshift dhaba and sipped on hot piping coffee ☕ samosas n bhajjis ... special courtesy of the dhaba... she could hear the screams of glee emanating from the children all around... as she sat wet n drenched with her own bright smile ... this is the world she wanted to be in ... what could be more carefree n spirited then being lost in their own little world of happiness n joy””” when she looked up all the clouds did have a silver lining 

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