Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Her fav chocolate cone

Her fav chocolate cone
The sunset amidst the mountains
A midnight walk on the beach
With the waves lapping at her feet
Listening to her fav music
On a stormy , thundering night
To meet her friends over her
Favourite cup of coffee ☕
N laugh uncontrollably
To play with the children out
In the open
To enjoy her favourite chocolate
To take a long walk amidst nature
To get engrossed in her favourite book
N forget the world
These are the few simple little things her heart beats for
Yet you call women the most unpredictable n complicated creatures
Doesn’t sound too complicated to me
Gm . Enjoy your day n don’t FORGET your SMILE 😊

Monday, July 29, 2019

A beautiful morning

A beautiful morning is always a start to a fresh brand new day... every sunrise makes us hope for a better beautiful day... but every sunset always shows us that nothing that is not good always has an end too.... Always hope for something wonderful to happen... sunrise makes us hope for beautiful something to happen n sunset teaches us anything bad will also end soon.... A beautiful day ... beautiful weather ... nature is celebrating... so let us join too in its celebration... always be ready for something beautiful to happen.... u never know what the next moment might bring... have a beautiful day n a lovely week ahead and most important “ don’t forget your priceless smile “😁-


From birth to adulthood, our life is just a series of do’s n don’t’s n a checklist ... a manual which you adhere to .... then life starts accumulating a series of what if’s and then one fine day you realise you r left with a series of countless I wish moments.....seize the moment... live every moment like it’s your last... u r running out of time... enjoy each moment to the fullest n live in the moment...good morning people have a beautiful day ... the weather is definitely gorgeous n u will look perfect with your even more Gorgeous 😊 smile... Someone might need it today... if they’ve forgotten theirs ... give them yours😊

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Silver Lining

She looked up at the stormy skies ... the rain laden skies...the clouds with their silver lining when She looked down ... she saw the twinkly eyes of the children.... the fresh brilliant smiles ... the swishy swash  swishy swash.... it went on in the puddles .... the making n sinking of the paper boats for them equivalent to the sinking of the Titanic.... that’s when she understood the phrase” never let the child inside you die” the purest form of joy.... as she ventured to play with them.... then sat with them at the makeshift dhaba and sipped on hot piping coffee ☕ samosas n bhajjis ... special courtesy of the dhaba... she could hear the screams of glee emanating from the children all around... as she sat wet n drenched with her own bright smile ... this is the world she wanted to be in ... what could be more carefree n spirited then being lost in their own little world of happiness n joy””” when she looked up all the clouds did have a silver lining 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Deep in the wilderness

Deep in the wilderness
Her heart beat attuned to the pace of the stillness of the forest
The still calm of the foilage
Brought out the peace n calmness within her
Long buried deep
Awoke once more
The sounds of nature
Matched with the tiny whisper of her breath
The flowers looked up to her
As she made her path down the unknown
The birds stilled in their flight
And wished her
She left a blazing trail of whispers n smiles in nature
Forcing nature to carve a new path
Where she left her footprints in time
Footprints imprints n heart prints left in nature
Yet she moved ahead to forge more😊

Welcome June

 A beautiful new month! Aspiring to bring in new aspirations. Where there are aspirations there are expectations. Let’s measure our breaths ...