Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year-end 2019

As the year comes to an end. There are a lot of mixed feelings. Some hopes dreams left unfulfilled. Hope to fulfill them in 2020. But one important lesson I learnt is , life is nothing but just a sum of moments. Some bring a smile . Some tears. But life in the end boils down to that. At the end of the day . You leave the world with what you have packed in your heart. So Make sure you have beautiful memories n moments to pack. Looking forward to 2020. Wishing for love happiness n peace in the world and all your lives. Have a smashing 2020. May you be blessed with the best Each one of you😊

Monday, December 16, 2019

Mother India

Mother India
You fought for me to be free
Countless sons of mine
From every walk of life, creed n caste
Came together n gave me freedom
But my daughters
What about them??
Sometimes you kill them at birth
N bury them
Do u ever realise how my heart bleeds then
Sometimes you burn my daughters in the name of dowry
My daughters are not safe
Somewhere there is a Nirbhaya and somewhere a Disha
Now you ask my children to go away from here
Do u ever realise how do I feel as a mother
Can a mother let some of her children just go away
My heart bleeds
My eyes shed tears of blood
I feel empty n desolate
I’m burning!! O’ children
Don’t impinge me in your laws n send my children away
Think of my plight

Saturday, December 14, 2019


Every human’s primary n basic need in life is just so simple. The need to be understood. Sometimes we spend a lifetime just in the search of it. But do we actually ever get understood. Being understanding n being understood is the balance of our life. Half the journey is spent in being understanding n the other half goes in being understood. In the end we realise we are actually never understood. Only he understands us best who created us. So just enjoy the journey. Forget being understood 😊

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

A bag full of wishes

A bag full of wishes
The streets were lined with hues of red n green
Mistletoes , candies , candles decorated everyone’s hearth
Wreaths painted in different shades of red green gold n silver
Gave a decorative feel
Her Christmas tree looked beautiful
Resplendent in its beauty
The angel looked peaceful
Yet what were her eyes searching for
What was her heart yearning for
She secretly made a wish n smiled n looked up
She was sure her guardian angel had heard her
This time it was a bag full of wishes
In the evening when she had finished baking her batch of cookies
Her friends had come n joined in the festivities
Yet there was a deep quiet within her
N suddenly the doorbell rang
And there at the threshold her most priced wish stood
Lighting her whole world in a beautiful soft golden hue
He said “ merry Christmas “
N it was truly merrier for her

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The women of India

The women of India
Plead for a safer India
The need of the hour
An India where women can breathe safely
Not keep looking behind their shoulder
When a girl leaves her house
The mother shouldn’t be wondering
How safe will my daughter be
If we don’t instil fear in the rapists n brutes
There would be Nirbhaya in every nook n corner
The girls r not safe out in the open
Neither in their homes
Nor in schools or colleges
So where are they safe???
Every woman has this question n worry
Change the laws... n make India the safest country for women

Saturday, November 30, 2019


The journey continues
Through the rocky terrain of experiences
Some happy some sad
Some bought a twinkle to the eye
Some brought tears
But each climb
Taught a stronger soulful lesson
The mountainous climb
Made me pant
Sometimes I just stood n gazed back at life
Then with a fresh surge renewed breath
I made the climb
Where I stand today
N look back at the climb
What do I see
A blur of memories, some unfulfilled dreams
Some aspirations which need completion
And some dreams yet to be found
The climb still continues
With a stronger , hopeful me-

Friday, November 29, 2019

The autumn hues

The autumn hues slowly lead on to the festivities n joy of Christmas πŸŽ„. The autumn πŸ‚ browns give way to the gorgeous red n green of Christmas... there’s joy n happiness paving the path for December... one of my favourite months ... deck the halls with boughs of holly...mistletoes... plum cakes πŸŽ‚.. the jingle of the sledge πŸ›·... the laughter n deep rumble of Santa πŸŽ…... the stockings .. candies 🍭.... always manages to bring 😊 on many a faces... somewhere it’s a white Christmas πŸŽ„ somewhere it’s a warm Christmas near the hearth... but whatever kind of Christmas πŸŽ„... Christmas definitely warms hearts ♥...joy to the world...December definitely brings you the festivities n joy n new beginnings n the emergence of the new year

Tuesday, November 26, 2019


Unstoppable, unshakable she surged
Through the tide of time
Sometimes the waves were high
Sometimes they were gentle n tender like a new born’s breath
Sometimes the swirl of time was harsh
N sometimes it was more gentle then the soft chirping of the bird
Sometimes the wave was gently twirling like a ripple of the ocean
The tide of time took in its midst
Sometimes it threw back
She stood patiently near the shore of life
Ready always for the tide of time
Then one day the tide came n gently caressed her feet
N longingly looked at her
With tenderness n surrendered defeat
U have won o’ gentle lass
He said n went back taking with him the turbulence of tide
Just a soothing reassuring silence greeted her
Soft n filled with the brilliance of colours-

Monday, November 25, 2019

Deep in the wilderness of the heart

Deep in the wilderness of the heart
A rose garden blossomed in its midst
The wilderness shielded it’s beauty
Very few could see n feel it
But once they stood in the rose garden
There was only beauty n tranquility all around
Each rose 🌹 had a story untold
Each blossomed rose shone to its best
But the thorns reminded
That the rose’s journey had not been easy
But when u saw it’s beauty
U forgot everything but it’s fragrance n softness
The dewy petals shone to its fullest
The clouds shielded n protected
The sun shone tenderly n lovingly
Amidst the wilderness could there be really something so beautifully blossoming
She stood thinking
It felt like each rose wanted her to hear their story
She stood amidst them
Lent her ear to each of them
They lovingly told her about their journey
She was lost to the world once more
Caressed n cocooned in their πŸ’• love-

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Under the starry night sky

Under the starry night sky
She emerged a lone figure
Under the
Quiet n solitude of the deep midnight ink blue sky
She blended in with the mysterious stillness
The moon painted beautiful hues in white , silver n a calming grey
Sometimes she was touched in a luminous white
Sometimes in the hidden black
N sometimes in the mysterious grey
Each shade of the still black night sky
She loved the deep stillness of the night
When the world went to sleep
And the moon came out n played with her
What could be more beautiful
A deep mysterious silence
Understood by only one of its kind-

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


For the world it looked chaos
People who looked at her thought she was chaotic
But for her chaos was her semblance
She couldn’t have it too orderly
She always needed the slight edge , the odd challenge
She was a restless soul
Always in search for something new
Chaos kept her spirit excited n baffled
She welcomed the bafflement
Thrived in her chaos
Sometimes u get your answers in the midst of chaos
Sometimes peace keeps you turmoiled
But think about it
Is it fun when it’s too quiet
We need a little bit of noise n background music 🎡 to keep us going n last but not the least
Your million dollar smile πŸ˜€-

Sunday, November 17, 2019


I always wondered about faith
How can u understand faith
This is what I could understand
Faith that something beautiful will eventually happen
That something wonderful is about to happen
The easing of the present
A calm , balmy tomorrow
The victory of the silent, unknown battle fought within us
The true understanding of happiness in our journey
We are all on a path of searching for something unknown
With the faith n strong belief that it does exist
N eventually will find it
Wonder truly honestly do we ever find it
Keep the search on
In the faith that it might meet you round the corner-

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Never let the child in you die

Never let the child in you die
For me my students have kept the child within me alive
They loved me selflessly
Respected me without any question
They called me Hitler with love
But the next moment loved me
When I forgot my smile
They made me laugh
I’m fortunate to have so many loving children over the years
Being a teacher is only made special by the unabiding respect n love given to me
Happy children ‘s day to all my loving n lovely students
Love you’ll
Stay blessed always 😊

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

World kindness day

World kindness day
A small act of kindness
A heartfelt smile
A sincere compliment
Helping the elderly
Staying by people in their most trying times
Kindness should be something which is practised every waking moment of our lives
That’s the legacy which we should intend leaving behind
When u r no more in this world
People have something kind to remember about u
Today the world needs listeners
People who r just there to listen to u n talk to u
In this rat race
We have lost out on time , tenderness n kindness
That’s what the world needs

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Being humane

Time n again
Time n again pain came knocking
Time n again I shut the door
But sometimes pain was stronger
N sometimes strength pushed it back
But then pain asked me one day
You keep pushing me way
If I don’t touch you deep within the soul
How would you be humane
I pondered
Deep in thought
Then Learnt
Time n again I gave place to pain
After it left
Compassion visited me
Kindness stayed back
Time n again welcome pain
It teaches life long compassion
Being humane

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Being Positive

As I walked the path of life
Strewn with a multitude of things
Sometimes it was pleasant
Sometimes unpleasant
At times it was illuminating n joyous
At times challenging
As I looked more n more with positivity
Towards unknown destinations n paths
I felt more n more doors open with positiveness
Today I make a strong intention every morning to introduce more positivity in my day
N I feel a shift
And it feels good
Strong positive intention, wishful thinking n gratitude

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Coffee under the willow trees

Coffee under the willow trees
The meadows smiled
A beautiful shade of red
The trees blossomed
With apples and oranges afar
The sweet fragrance of fresh fruits
Filled the orchard a new
I sat with my pretty little basket of flowers
Watching the stream gently curve its way
The dainty sandwiches πŸ₯ͺ, the scones filled with cream
Stood patiently waiting
To be polished
With my coffee cup in hand
I sat lost in the wilderness
Beautiful and raw
The dusk started creeping lazily
Gently touching the horizon
In shades of russet n browns
I was lost with
My coffee under the willows
The serenity of dusk
Held me mesemerised
The gentle sounds of the open
Were the most soothing n meditative
This was what the willows did😊8

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dreams unknown

Dreams unknown
Destinations yonder
Roads diverging
I set out on the path called life
Countless turns
Immeasurable stops
Memories uncountable
Some forgotten
Some remembered
O’ life
Where though take me
I still wait patiently at a stop under the mountain Ridges
I know not what the next stop beholds
But yonder yester today all take me
Somewhere unknown n beautiful
Rainbows, rivers they all pass me
The sun smiles
Waits with me for sometime
The stars twinkle n ask” o’ lass where though go next
I look at them n say “ I know not”
Where life holds my hand and takes me next
I still wait patiently under the mountain ridges
Amidst the stillness of the night
The hooting of the owl
The soft fire πŸ”₯ of the lights beyond
I still wait- 

The first teacher

A mother the first teacher confidant n a true friend of their child’s. All rolled in one. She hands over a piece of herself to the second mother called” Teacher” . A teacher is a mother away from home in a second Home called School. Compassionate, motivating, friendly, loving n encouraging and a counsellor is what I understand in being a teacher. Academics should be last. It’s our sole responsibility to shape them into better, humane compassionate human beings for a better tomorrow.... so that they go out n heal the world n make it a better place to live.”  Happy Teacher’s Day “to all the lovely Mummies N teachers out there. Stay blessed n keep smiling

Monday, September 9, 2019

We will never forget you!

The skies wept
The moon looked shadowed n sad
The sun looked dim in attendance
Nature stood still
The universe looked sad n black
Millions at your doorstep
Many more millions in every nook n corner of the world
Dismayed , sad n heart rended
One voice rants in the vicinity of Karbala
But millions around the world echo the same
Labbaik ya Hussain... Labbaik ya Hussain
We love you Imam Hussain
N it’s our promise
We will never forget u
Abbad wallah ya Zahra.. MA Ninsa Hussaina...πŸ˜”

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Her journey still continues

As the moon shone
Illuminating everything in its stride
In a peaceful luminous light
The world was asleep
The doorway to the world looked radiant
She stood out in the open
Deep in thought
Enveloped in a bear hug πŸ€—
By nature
The moon looked down at her
For once moon was in deep thought
How she took the world In her stride
She left her memories stamped on everything
Sometimes she brought a twinkle to the tearful eye
Sometimes a smile to a sad one
Sometimes she lent her compassion
Sometimes she gave her love unflinchingly
Yet as she stood gazing
The moon looked down at her n whispered” yes my child ... there are more who still need you”
She continued her journey further
To wipe the anguish
To bring a smile to some more.....
Her journey still continues 😊

Monday, August 5, 2019


In the dead silence of the city
As I ventured out for my essentials 
I had never seen the streets so deserted n quiet
In fact at times I turn around n re- check it
Wondering if it’s the same one
But surprisingly all this is not eerie 
It’s a beautiful calm
Heartbeats πŸ’— r not rushed
Life style is slow paced n home based
No deafening silence
But a quiet solitude
No alarms ringing 
Children enjoying quality time
No rushing to schools n tuition 
Just quality me- time
Time to pursue your long left hobbies 
The almighty had a plan 
Nature is blossoming 
The animals are proclaiming their once lost habitat again
As I sit penning these lines in the solitude of the open
I hear the peaceful beat of my heart
Assured n peaceful

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Her fav chocolate cone

Her fav chocolate cone
The sunset amidst the mountains
A midnight walk on the beach
With the waves lapping at her feet
Listening to her fav music
On a stormy , thundering night
To meet her friends over her
Favourite cup of coffee ☕
N laugh uncontrollably
To play with the children out
In the open
To enjoy her favourite chocolate
To take a long walk amidst nature
To get engrossed in her favourite book
N forget the world
These are the few simple little things her heart beats for
Yet you call women the most unpredictable n complicated creatures
Doesn’t sound too complicated to me
Gm . Enjoy your day n don’t FORGET your SMILE 😊

Monday, July 29, 2019

A beautiful morning

A beautiful morning is always a start to a fresh brand new day... every sunrise makes us hope for a better beautiful day... but every sunset always shows us that nothing that is not good always has an end too.... Always hope for something wonderful to happen... sunrise makes us hope for beautiful something to happen n sunset teaches us anything bad will also end soon.... A beautiful day ... beautiful weather ... nature is celebrating... so let us join too in its celebration... always be ready for something beautiful to happen.... u never know what the next moment might bring... have a beautiful day n a lovely week ahead and most important “ don’t forget your priceless smile “😁-


From birth to adulthood, our life is just a series of do’s n don’t’s n a checklist ... a manual which you adhere to .... then life starts accumulating a series of what if’s and then one fine day you realise you r left with a series of countless I wish moments.....seize the moment... live every moment like it’s your last... u r running out of time... enjoy each moment to the fullest n live in the moment...good morning people have a beautiful day ... the weather is definitely gorgeous n u will look perfect with your even more Gorgeous 😊 smile... Someone might need it today... if they’ve forgotten theirs ... give them yours😊

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Silver Lining

She looked up at the stormy skies ... the rain laden skies...the clouds with their silver lining when She looked down ... she saw the twinkly eyes of the children.... the fresh brilliant smiles ... the swishy swash  swishy swash.... it went on in the puddles .... the making n sinking of the paper boats for them equivalent to the sinking of the Titanic.... that’s when she understood the phrase” never let the child inside you die” the purest form of joy.... as she ventured to play with them.... then sat with them at the makeshift dhaba and sipped on hot piping coffee ☕ samosas n bhajjis ... special courtesy of the dhaba... she could hear the screams of glee emanating from the children all around... as she sat wet n drenched with her own bright smile ... this is the world she wanted to be in ... what could be more carefree n spirited then being lost in their own little world of happiness n joy””” when she looked up all the clouds did have a silver lining 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Deep in the wilderness

Deep in the wilderness
Her heart beat attuned to the pace of the stillness of the forest
The still calm of the foilage
Brought out the peace n calmness within her
Long buried deep
Awoke once more
The sounds of nature
Matched with the tiny whisper of her breath
The flowers looked up to her
As she made her path down the unknown
The birds stilled in their flight
And wished her
She left a blazing trail of whispers n smiles in nature
Forcing nature to carve a new path
Where she left her footprints in time
Footprints imprints n heart prints left in nature
Yet she moved ahead to forge more😊

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Ode to the hero of my life

Ode to the hero of my life
You taught me to be strong
You imparted the greatest lesson of my life at such a tender age
Time was not given to you
And I was given the lesson too early
My strength comes from you every single day
Though I cannot hear you
Feel you anymore or
See you
But I know from yonder
I whisper you say” that’s my girl”
I feel you wipe my tears
Congratulate me on my achievements
Speak to me on my failures
“ Happy Father’s Day to the best human being
You taught me a lot
Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there
Stay blessed 😊

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

A journey they know nothing of

As the wedding got over. I stood ready n garlanded waiting to take a step towards my new life. At the threshold when I turned back , the last 25 years of my life started moving. The laughter n joy I shared with my parents.. the numerous sibling fights. The love selfless love showered by my grandparents. The night outs with my cousins. The journey of school n college. How many classes we had bunked n just sat n chatted n suddenly I could feel all that just fading only treasured by me . Deep in my memories forever. My next part of the journey was going to begin but why wasn't I able to take that step. Once more when I turned n looked back at my family. I wanted to turn the clock n just go back to my old life. But resignedly I had to accept this is the journey taken by every girl. The love n longing I saw in my father's eyes..The brave front he was putting up. It was hard for him to believe too his child had to go away . My cousins, friends all trying to smile n failing miserably. But does a girl really is prepared for the life ahead? I have always wondered.This is truly one of the hardest moments for the family. Sending her away. A journey they know nothing of .... to be experienced n waiting n praying with bated breaths that it turns out as beautiful as lovely as the first part of her journey

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Whirlpool of emotions

He kept staring at me, looking at me hard. In the whirlpool of emotions he kept getting lost. How would he understand me. When the universe failed to understand her. Only the creator n her knew what she was. Rest just kept getting baffled. They called her cold,unfeeling n hard. But no one ever stopped long enough to question the coldness , hardness n brutality which became her signature style. Her Armour to the outside world . The Armour which protected her from disillusionment. The Armour kept getting stronger n harder. The creator sighed wistfully n just wished once he had not made her this hard

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Ode to the dreams of a child

Ode to the dreams of a child. When I was small , new to this beautiful world walking holding my father's hand. I always thought this is my beautiful world. The world would always be this beautiful. There was peace contentment n happiness around me. No tears no sadness . My little world was lost in beautiful fairy tales. But the day I was brutally shaken from my beautiful world. I saw the ugly world. Every time I was made to see something more uglier than before, I longed for that dream like quality of life. I grew stronger , life grew tougher but the day I met that little orphan. I  saw a life more uglier. Where did the dreams go. Why were the fairy tales never come true. There was nothing more heartbreaking than the illusion of love n the breaking of illusions. Yet the little one grew up forgetting the childhood where did her childhood go? Lost in the adversities of life. Where did her smile go? Lost in the maze called experiences. Yet she lives on waiting for life to take her to new experiences. When I turned to the creator broken n spent. He smiled gave me his hand n said " come to me my child" I tested u enough😊

Monday, April 22, 2019

Need of the hour- self quarantine

Need of the hour- self quarantine . Please don’t take this casually. Think about others first . Your self quarantine will help stem the spread of the deadly corona . Let’s not be selfish n think we are indispensable. This is something very serious . Nothing will come to an end . We will still have time provided u take precautions. Keep calm # stay safe# pray# but use your common sense too-

Friday, April 12, 2019

A new beginning

She waited for him every single moment. Would they ever meet again. Would life ever cross their paths again. Life kept moving on . Her phases kept changing. Just when she had decided to marry n give another chance to someone unknown . There he stood in front of her. Waiting to be hugged by her. She was torn between her heart n mind. Turned away from him. The urge grew stronger. I'm the end the heart won over. Destiny smiled . The sky's opened up with joy. Drenched In his love they made a new beginning 😊

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Beautiful, incomplete n broken😊

As I stood on the mountain looking at the picturesque world laid out at my feet. The creator's genius. When I reflected back n looked at the puzzle called life. I only kept thinking of how he had taken away the main part of the puzzle .At every phase my the puzzle stayed incomplete . The pieces kept missing . Today as I stand at the junction of life to complete my puzzle. I didn't realise over the years my puzzle just has very few pieces left. Yet here I marvel at the genius of the creator. Some puzzles he made it to perfection n some left broken to perfection. Yet still the beauty of the creator the genius.    Beautiful, incomplete n broken😊

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ode to a battered woman

Ode to a battered woman. I stood alone , scarred battered n torn. Torn in heart , soul. My individuality shred to pieces. Inflicted by countless wounds. I shed tears of blood. But I could only see coldness n brutality. My family wanted their name n standing to be undeterred . My husband wanted his chauvinism to be at the forefront. A slave to traditions. Devoid of love n emotions. When I stood to fight in society to fight alone. I was called the bad one. The patriarchal system of ages was more rampant. Men , family n society they passed judgement without a hearing. The misery of a battered , scarred woman. When I looked at death. He was a true friend. Refused to take me along. Urged me to fight n I fought for all those countless women, unseen face n when I won the battle. I could see the traditions of ages freed n breathing a sigh of relief

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The journey continued

She left her prints through out
Some on the heart
Some on the mind
But only few could feel it in their soul
She was long forgotten
The imprints made them remember her again
Some remembered her with a smile
Some with a twinkle
Some with a laugh
The deepest one where she was remembered with tears in their eyes
Imprints, footprints, impressions
Some left on the heart ...
some on the soul
That’s what was left in the end
The journey continued 

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

How could he make her so happy.

How could he make her so happy. How had he made her smile. Just like that they met. It was too good to be true. He understood her at her worst, loved her when she was a mess. They merged , they became inseparable. The world faded around her. It was only joy for once. He looked from above and smiled . He had sent that angel in her life. Once she was restored to what she had been , when he had created her. He called the angel away. But as he had promised her , he gave her the love, the joy n the strength to smile again. She looked up at him , thankful for the angel he had sent her. She knew deep down he was sent by her.

Red Stilettos

 Red stilettos was the order of the day! It was a night to celebrate with her friends who she had not met in years! The big school friends r...