Saturday, April 1, 2017

The wisdom of a 12 year Old

It was a beautiful time of the yet not So morning.....the morning had not come fully awake. The faint fingers of Dawn were Just giving snatches of colour to the still darkness . The calm was Just out of This world. I left my cottage to take a long walk down the Beach. As I kept walking, deep in my thoughts, oblivious to the surroundings. I suddenly Heard a melodious trill of laughter. I suddenly became aware of my surroundings n kept getting drawn to That Sound. As I got near to it, I saw a 12 year Old very seriously making a beautiful house. After sometime it would get washed away, He would still continue making it. He looked up at me n smiled n wished. I asked him who He was. He said He was an orphan. He worked for his uncle. In the Whole day , This Is the only time He Gets. He comes hère unwinds n then starts working. In the evening He studies. He said I'm working hard because one Day I want to build a house like This n study more. By now the Sun had come fully awake. He got up dusted himself. With That same Bright smile He went his way , whistling a jaunty tune. I Just kept sitting n looking after him. His spirit shook me. I looked up at the sky Saïd a heartfelt payer for him . Turned n walked back towards my cottage. That Day something had changed me. I Can still remember his smile ....Good Morning people😊

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