Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Eid Fervour

 Daria was so excited! After almost 33 years she was enjoying the excitement of going to the Soukh, a night before Eid. The last 2 days had flown in enjoying the delicious spreads of iftar. She had enjoyed meeting all her childhood buddies. Being pampered to the hilt. The feeling was surreal. Her favourite had been going to Kuwait continental plaza for their iftar and dinner spread which was renowned. It had been her all time favourite in Kuwait . A ritual which they had adhered every Ramzan . How she missed her cousins gang. 

The night before Eid her uncle used to take all of them to Farah Shuwarma and then to the Soukh for shopping. Their last minute Eid shopping. They celebrated Eid for 3 days . Dressed to the hilt. They would come back late at night after a satisfied round  of retail therapy. Then they would stop by their favourite ice- cream shoppe and have their cones. How she had missed the flavour of it. She gorged on Galaxy and Mars . It was so beautiful to have relived all this. Eid had been fun . A round of visits to all her friend’s  places. The second day also passed in a flurry of excitement. 

Time for their reunion now. Her Carmel gang were all coming in today. Planned at the Hilton. The next morning brunch at the SAS . All their favourite places.

Today she had come to Salmiya . Enjoying being by herself. Going to the favourite book store where her dad had bought many books for her. It was so peaceful to walk down the street. 

She was back in her childhood. She missed all the people who had been a part of it. 

To making new memories in Kuwait once again.

An encore of memories in Kuwait! 

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Perfection Manual

 Time and again, I have seen people repeatedly criticising the other. Thinking its the best way to make the other improve. Do you really think the other improves?

What does criticism do? Criticism at any point does not work. It makes a person more defensive. You definitely are not helping. You are making matters worse.

I always like to ask the ones who enjoy criticising. Have you been given a Perfectionist certification. Are you qualified to do that. You come from your experiences and conditioning, how do you know they have been good. 

Every human is born differently. What works for one might not work for another. You have come from a different perspective, from a different school of thought. Every human makes a mistake . That’s what makes them humans. If we all had to be similar, why would not the creator do that for us? Why would he give us the trouble to do that? It definitely means, he wants us to be different, unique. 

If a person makes a mistake, that is also his freedom to do so. Its very easy to judge and criticise. Get into that person’s shoes for few minutes and think from where he or she is coming from. What has shaped him or her? 

When you hear criticism and judgment, what would be your reaction. The person staring out at you from the mirror, does he get that too.


You in turn see a lot of criticism there. You start criticising, thinking of all that is not there. Do not give yourself that, it deserves much more. You are born to make a difference. There’s a purpose to life! 

You are not here just to please others all the time. You have come for something much higher that just existing. 

Do not let others thoughts rub onto you. 

Like I always say” The ones who love you unconditionally will still do, the ones who love you after you have been conditioned by them, do they really live you”?

Think about it!

Let not anyone’s opinion mar your existence. Live the way you want. Do your best, leave the rest to the universe.

It’s non judgmental! 

Have a lovely Sunday ahead! 

Stay blessed!

Stay safe!

Keep smiling 😊

Don’t forget to love the one staring out from the mirror.

Friday, April 29, 2022

Daria at the Beach


Daria woke up feeling at peace. It was still early. She wanted to capture the rays of dawn at the beach. Her favourite spot.

She made her way to the beach. Feeling the early morning moist breeze. There was a little moistness in her eyes too. She sat at the beach and traveled back in time.

She could see her 8 year old self with all her cousins and family frolicking at the beach. This was mostly a ritual on a Friday morning. Then they would return back. Have a sumptuous lunch. Then relax through the day. How everything just came back to her. It was as if she had not left Kuwait ever. 

Today she was by herself at the beach. All had moved to different parts of the world. But each still carried a part of their childhood deep in their hearts. 

She looked down and found herself making her sand castle which she usually had done in the past. One huge wave had washed it all before she could complete it . Leaving just some wet sand in her palms. She looked deeply at it and thought”This was exactly how long ago all had been washed away with one giant wave in her life too”.

She looked deeply at the waves. Suddenly she was brought out  of it by the ring of her phone. 

Her friends were calling to check where she was. She could hear their excited chatter . She smiled and got up. Dusting the sands of time from her being. She wondered for a minute “ Whether she would ever be able to”

She slowly made her way out of the beach.

Excited about the day ahead. It felt so good to be back here. Felt like home. 

The last few days of Ramadan were the most beautiful. She was looking forward to the excitement. She smiled peacefully as she sat in the car.

She heard a lot of “ Sabah Al Khair”

Wished in return. It was truly “ Sabah Al Khair”

Wednesday, April 27, 2022


 Daria  had returned after 30 years to the place where she had opened her eyes for the first time. A brand new visitor to the world. To think of it! So true! We are all visitors. As she stepped out of the plane. The rush of memories left her weak hearted. She could feel the sheen of tears behind her eyes. Thankfully her oversized sun glasses were shielding it from the prying eyes all around her. 

This was the place she had found comfort. Grown up as a happy child. Child indeed she was, when her father was snatched away cruelly forever by the clutches of destiny. She still remembered her lost childhood. The worst was when after 4 years they left the comfort of this place too. She still remembered at the airport how longingly she had turned back for the last time. Hoping against hope that she would be stopped from going away forever. This was the place which had held her cherished memories. Her childhood spent in the tender, loving arms of her father.

The upheavals of life had taken her through various twists and turns. Today after 30 years, she came back to the comfort of it again. The reunion of her school brought her back. Her childhood friends missed her. She missed the scent of this place. The dust which settled on her being lovingly. How alive she felt once again!

She was so glad to have made this decision. This time round, she would do it all for herself.
Smiling she walked out after an hour from the airport. She heard joys of scream . She instantly knew. Her friends Sarah and Hiba were waiting for her. Suddenly all these years slipped away. The familiarity greeted her as she drove through the streets of Kuwait.

How happy she was to be back here again. Her favourite food joint at Salmiya was still standing tall and strong. It had aged a little though, just like her. How many times she had thought of these beautiful by lanes. So many memories attached to each. As they stopped to have Iced Tea,  She was greeted lovingly “Sabaah Al khayr “
How she had missed this. Instantly she found herself answering back with a beaming smile.
She did feel at home. She told herself “ Habibti this is where you belong”.

The Secret Door

 The Secret Door

I took hesitant steps through the dense forest to the old ancestral house. I had seen my parents go there often. They always spoke in whispers about that house. Today I had made up my mind to go there on my own. I was curious about the old wooden door which I was never allowed to open. As I entered the house , it was all eerily quiet. The caretakers were not to be seen. I slowly made my way towards the old wooden door. I could hear faint singing from behind the door. It could not be, thought I. I slowly opened the door. It opened without a sound. As I made my way inside. I was frozen. A little older version of me started out innocently at me. She had such a sweet smile and an angelic face. She was by playing on an instrument and singing to herself. She saw me and halted. She spoke “ So you finally came, didn’t you take too long”. I looked shocked at her. “ How did you know that I would come”?. Suddenly she looked angry and that’s when I got frightened. She said I have waited since 200 years for you to come and take me from here. I turned to flee. That’s when I found myself woken up rudely from my sleep. I had rolled off my bed and hit my head on the nightstand. Thank God! It was a nightmare!

Ohh God! The huge bump on my head laughed at me. 

Thank goodness 😅. It was just a nightmare. 

 © Shireen Haider 

Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Ill Fated Afternoon

A short story written beginning with 
“Your character looking from behind a curtain”
Story Prompt writing ✍️ 

It was a beautiful afternoon.
The view outside was breathtaking. The
meadows looked lush and colourful. The
blossoms all dewy after the sudden
downpour. Summer showers left its own
earthy smell. The garden table was
glistening. I was lost looking at the freshly
showered lawn. So enticing. Suddenly a
similar afternoon came to mind. A sudden
blinding flash of memory which left me
jostling. The aftermath of which still had
the power even today to leave me shaken
and reeling. I could feel the sheen of tears.
The dewy mistress felt on my eyelashes.
My eyelids felt heavy. My whole body
drugged. A sudden intoxication left me
heavy. I felt myself transfixed and in a
limbo. How happy I had been! So many
dreams woven, hoping it would come alive.
So many wows taken together. Who had
known that was all I would be awarded.
Just that one afternoon. The next dawn
was the doom of my life. A dawn which had
set the sun forever in my life. You were
taken forever from me. The Ill fated
morning cast a dark shadow on my life
forever. I turned and let the curtain slide
back in its place. The show had ended
forever. The grand finale of life had played
itself. The curtain had fallen forever. The
world a stage. My part I had played to the best.
The taste of coffee ☕️ still tasted bitter sweet on my lips.
Your favourite cake which I had baked for you was the last I had baked. I never baked it again. What joy we had shared. So many dreams woven with the thread of 💕 love. How could you be taken away from me so cruelly. Why had destiny not felt our eternal love and bonding? The touch of your lips on my forehead as you sealed our vows forever. The ring you had placed on my finger still bears the testimony of our love. It feels heavy and forlorn. 
No lustre , No Joy, just a sunken heaviness rests now. 
All found and lost in one afternoon!
No farewell, No goodbyes, Just the promise of a return and a forever was what I had been promised. Alas! What did I know that a “Forever” was just an afternoon.

Shireen Haider

Eid Fervour

 Daria was so excited! After almost 33 years she was enjoying the excitement of going to the Soukh, a night before Eid. The last 2 days had ...