Friday, September 29, 2023

Red Stilettos

 Red stilettos was the order of the day! It was a night to celebrate with her friends who she had not met in years! The big school friends reunion night! 

How long it had been, since Daria had met them all. 

Twice earlier she had canceled it. Once her son was sick. The other time , something else had come up.

She took a moment to pause and think. “Didn’t it always”?

Only when she was excited for something for herself. She was always made to reschedule. 

But not anymore!

Now Daria would prioritise herself. She came first. Her hopes, ambitions, her dreams. 

Now the top most priority was to see the woman staring at her, should wear the pink blush of joy. 

The crimson shade of happiness on her lips.

She would walk to the destination of joy in her red stilettos. 

Daria wore her favourite perfume, inhaling the heavenly scent. 

She was all set for the evening ahead with her friends!

She reached the lounge just in time. 

It was truly a feeling of immense delight!

20 of them had gathered already.

10 more were expected. They were going to Rock  it.

Amidst loud excited chatters, giggles and guffaws . They hit the dance floor. All their favourites being played. 

They danced, they ate. They truly let their hair down. 

Daria’s bestie Saina who had come from another city, Would be spending the week with her. 

They both went back in the wee hours.  Tomorrow afternoon they were all catching up at the beach. 

The question was if they woke up!

What bliss after ages thought Daria when she finally hit the bed. 

They woke up at 12:30 next day. They were some who had still not woken up. They were meeting at their favourite outdoor restaurant. The afternoon would be needed to gather their energy 🤣🤣.

Daria and Saina had some heart to heart conversations. 

It was so therapeutic to pour your heart out without being judged. 

So much catching up they had. They took a short nap. Started getting ready for the evening ahead. The weather was pleasant. Daria wore a long soft kaftan dress in shades of midnight blue and streaks of fuchsia pink.  She wore beautiful Pearl drops . 

Ready for the night again. It was a long night full of conversations, jokes . Where had the time flown again? 

Tomorrow they were going to be out for the day. Treasure hunting, picnic. So much fun . Walk at the Beach. 

Daria was finally living all the moments which she should have done a decade ago! 

It’s never too late!

Stay tuned for more!

Daria has just started on the journey of self discovery!

Are you not curious to know more???

Saturday, September 23, 2023


 Daria woke up with an invigorated spirit. A new revamp of her soul! She smiled at herself!

She was going to her trial salsa class. Her dream which had stayed a dream for years. She went in at sharp 10. Came out feeling exhilarated. She had signed for it finally. She came home . Got dressed. She had a meeting at her favourite cafe with her book publisher. She finally felt at ease. 

I’m the way she passed a florist. The girl reminded her of Eliza Doolittle from Pygmalion or “ My Fair Lady”.

It had been years since she had been given flowers. It was time to make a change. Why wait for others to do it. She loved herself enough to do it now only for her valued self.

Sitting ready with her glistening bouquet and her favourite mug of coffee. She was lost in the journey of self discovery.

Her publisher came. The requisites were handled with ease.

She breathed a sigh of relief.

She sat back. Suddenly transported to all the years of pain, suffering. What had she got out of it?

Just a lot of painful memories to boast of.

How did love become so painful?

If love was always ready to stab you with the dagger of poisonous deceit, then why so many sagas and sonnets written for it?

She sat and wondered.

The journey of self love 💕 was what would make her powerful?

The power of “you” was the strongest!

A spring in her step!

The smile to capture the world!

Her red stilettos 👠 would write a new story!

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Morning Musings

 My morning looks like a journey into mental well being. A requisite of the soul!

I start my day with yoga. Breathing the positive vibes of the day. The mug of warm water keeps my frozen insides warm and cozy. 🤣🤣That was my understanding. 

I wrote my gratitude journal for sometime. Look into the day ahead with joy. Yester takes 5 minutes of introspection. Really! 😄😄.

What’s gone is gone for a purpose. Make the most of the moment you live in. Who has promised tomorrow?

My best moment of the day are “ Coffee Moments”.

I love the quiet bliss as I sip my coffee. Those beautiful moments are the best!

Coffee and I on our own.

My self care looks like:

Quiet moments 

Coffee moments 


My skin care 


A fit body will house a healthy mind and  heart.

In 24 hours, don’t you deserve one hour of fitness.

Of course how can I forget.

Going out with friends.

For me it’s retail therapy 🙈🙈🙈

Do what makes your heart dance,

Your soul sing ,

Let your life be a splash of joyous colours!

Late night drives 

Ice- cream stops!

Dessert Dates with myself! 



Acts of kindness!

Have a lovely day ahead!

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Daria woke up with a new found excitement! It had been ages since she had gone out for shopping. Shopping exclusively for herself. Her spa day was long due. She had booked an appointment for her hair and massage. She decided to take herself for shopping. The day to indulge!

She had finished her shopping. She was very happy with the outfit she had found. A beautiful long draping  salmon pink crepe dress. She found herself in a quiet cafe, catching her breath over her favourite cappuccino. She had skipped breakfast in the excitement.

She finished her parlour visit and was heading home. She had enough time to do her make up and get ready for her reunion.

She felt transported to her college life. Daria was back with a twinkle and a spring in her step. 

At the reunion, it was time to reminisce with joy!

All the dreams they had dreamt together. The beautiful moments lived in abundance. All were brought back with a vengeance. They danced to the favourite tunes they had played back in college. Toe tapping, foot tapping , salsa. Each danced in pure exhilarating spirited joy!

The night ended on a happy note.

After ages Daria saw the colour of joy displayed on her face!

Where had she lost it all? 

Had she only played the different roles in perfection?

Forgotten herself in the bargain?

Had those roles been appreciated?

Had she lost herself in the bargain?

Why was there now emptiness once again?

Had she buried herself deep down somewhere?

Could her old self be unearthed again?

She vowed to love herself again!

Monday, September 18, 2023

Hues of yester

 Daria sat in the dawning quiet of life! Lost to the world. She liked silence more than ever now. The duties of life had taken a toll on her being! Finally! She realised she could do it no more! 

The battles of life mounted! The armour had deep holes in it. Would it be possible to bring it to its yester hues.

She had done her duties. Settled each one comfortably. Now sitting in the dark hues of life. In the mounting shadows of dusk. She finally asked her being” What do you want now”? 

The call of her soul always went unanswered. She unattended the peaceful gathering of her heart. The assembly of emotions never graced by her. 

She had overlooked herself!

Forgotten she was a breathing soul too. 

She sat in the quiet and looked around. She had  it all. Her siblings were settled. Her child had found her path. 

Each had found their passion. Answering the call.

She sat in quiet contemplating what did she want?

Her college reunion was in few days. 

Did she want to go back to that beautiful phase of life once again?

Where had that carefree, vibrant , jovial Daria been lost?

She was called the life of a gathering? 

When had that life gone away from her being?

Who is this?

She knew not!

Staring from the shadows!

Her resilience pulled her from the shadows!

She would bring the old Daria back with a vengeance!

She would love life once again!

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Lazy Sunday Morning

 Now that’s what I call being yourself! Were not Sundays made to be your lazy self. The agendas put to stop! Time plans halted! Indulge in being your unchecked self! Lazy morning where you wake up to being more lazy. Coffee and sleep. Wake up to a sumptuous lunch, mind you! Where you are not cooking. Being outdoors. Catching up on your reading. Meeting friends over coffee. Catching you on your to watch list on Netflix! 

Lazy day in your payjamas or yoga pants! That’s what I call blissful!

A nice therapeutic massage! Booked into a spa! 🤣🤣Let that be a surprise gift 🎁. Where you are being invited to indulge!

A warm hair oil massage! 

The list is endless!

A day to yourself!

Feel good factor in abundance!

Don’t you need it? Asks your tired being?

Of course!

In plenty!

The magical hours where you forget the constraints of time!

Have a lovely lazy Sunday , just for yourselves!

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Stirrings of her soul

 Samara woke up to a positive dawn! It had been decades since she had smiled at waking up. The previous dawns were witnessed to her tear laden eyes, a wet pillow and bruises under her eye lids. Today there was a touch of sparkle to her tawny gaze. Would this day be different finally? 

Years of torment had finally been fought! Her fight fir her freedom finally won! The veil of fear which had camouflaged her was torn to shreds!

Every time those fists were raised to leave her black and blue. Her crimson coloured courage had blurred! Faded into oblivion! 

She had finally met the courage of her life! She had shown her the true beauty and joy of living in unbridled freedom! 

When she had seen the faces of those  countless women coloured by the bruises of domestic abuse! She had stood for them all! The chains of atrocities were finally unchained!

The power of freedom was intoxicating! Breathing in the freshness of your resilience was exhilarating!

She looked at the sun with a new found ecstasy and excitement!

She would make a difference in their lives. Show them the spirit of a being filled  with compassion!

She would make a difference!

Samata set out on a new path of a battle still unknown!

She would find her might and fight the battle with her new found strength!

The stirrings of her soul had finally steered her in the right direction . At the helm of her living was might! 

Red Stilettos

 Red stilettos was the order of the day! It was a night to celebrate with her friends who she had not met in years! The big school friends r...