Sunday, February 19, 2023

Monday Motivation

 The joy of another beautiful day comes to greet you anew! 

The joy of being able to be up and about and breathe in the essence of a beautiful day!

Simply being alive! 

The most precious gift!

The most precious moment, is to be able to bask in it!

A child who could smile after being in the rubble for almost a day, is something which left me with a lasting impression. 

What a beautiful lesson!

Every dawn when you wake up to witness it, remember one more day has been leased to you in your journey of life!

What tomorrow brings , we know not!

Whether we see another tomorrow, we know not!

So what do you have, this beautiful moment, this day!

Make the most of it!

Have a blessed Monday and a beautiful week ahead!

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Bliss is with Coffee

 Those beautiful quiet moments on a relaxed Sunday morning is heavenly. I sit with my two favourites undisturbed. My coffee and my thoughts!

My third favourite is missed today, my yoga. I just love spending quality time with my two favourites. The first sip of coffee is beyond describable! As I sit penning my thoughts, it’s beyond perfect!

Just before I plunge into the chores, these few blissful moments take me to a new high!

Life is measured by these moments, where we truly love and live doing what we like the most!

Time is what is not promised in our journey of life!

So make the most of it!

Have a blessed Sunday folks!

Do not forget to smile!

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Just 45 Seconds

 Just 45 seconds it took to change their entire lives! 

A millionaire who lost his all!

A mother who lost her babies!

A child who lost his parents!

These are none but earthquake victims who lost their all.

Their houses, their lives, their loved ones, their belongings!

Left to relocate in their own country.

Just think 45 seconds ago they were planning their next day. Some one must be looking forward to celebrating their birthday. Some might be planning what to cook next day. Some children must be anxious about their class tests. Some just liking forward to the week ahead of the weekend. 

They had made plans just like you or me. Who knows what your life is going to be in a matter of seconds. This is the time to think! Let go of grievances, hurt, your misunderstandings!

Make each moment count. Do the best you can. You don’t know whether you’ll have the opportunity to do something again or no. 

Thinking of all the children who have been saved from the rubble. Lying on the debris! Miraculously alive!

A new life of uncertainty. Some have lost their parents. So have been displaced. Yet some have come out with smiles. 

The being held dearly that they will still be looked after. 

Learn to look after what you have been gifted. Your being, your soul, your spirit. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Dark Days

 It was a dark lonely night. Alone with her thoughts. She had thought it would be enough. What did she know loneliness would be as piercing as daggers. What would assuage her feeling of guilt? Always made to think she had done nothing right. What was right? What was wrong? Why was only that in question. For no fault of hers too, she had been left to bleed till she was dry. The emotional wounds, the bleeding scars, so much to camouflage. 

The stormy night of emotional turmoil, gave her a new strength. She closed her eyes and thought of the inner child which needed healing. Her soft deep breaths were a balm. She learnt that night, she had the power to make mistakes. That’s what had made her human. The soft words of the book were a balm. The journal which lay open had a will of their own. The saga of hurt unfolded. She had never felt lighter. The storm grew quiet. There was a sparkling newness in dawn. Had she also been gifted a new dawn? She smiled as she liked up at the rays of dawn. So beautifully clean and new everything looked around her. 

She had conquered the darkness! 

There would only ne light around her. 

Kia had survived the war! 

War of darkness had finally ben won by the spirit of light!

Light had wiped the darkness clear! 

Kia had finally learnt, she would never let darkness rule over her again. 

She had come to err. 

She would Err and learn to accept her flaws!

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The month of Love

 Hello February! May this month be the best version of self love hues! May the optimism rule high. Positivity in abundance.

The month of love, it was called. What love can be more powerful than self love. The love we give to others, if even half of it we dedicate it to ourselves, how powerful would our being be. Food for thought! 

Why not romanticise self love. Why not take yourself on a date. Buy flowers and chocolates for yourself. Do you just need one day in the year to proclaim self love? 

Why wait for some other being to do what you should be doing for yourself all along. 

The power of self love,

I adorn myself in shades of crimson joy,

My sparkling gem sitting majestically 

on my adorned finger,

The flowers scent their joy all around,

I nibble on chocolates,

Bought for thee!

Oh my dear being,

I love you the most!

The power of love has always been one of its kind. The power of love now for my self, I find it most reassuring!

Why not light those candles for yourself. A romantic candlelit dinner where your being feels the warmth of self love. Never wait to live yourself. Each moment is precious!

Make the most of it!

Life and moment is short. The joy of being here lined with the light of love! Make it strong! Make it powerful!

Have a blessed love hue month!

The power of love, let it encompass your self!

Thursday, January 19, 2023

The one who left us too soon

 Today I would like the world to know the man who left the world too soon. My dear dad, a man of resilience founded by pillars of honesty and integrity! He was the life of the party, king of hearts! He ruled the hearts with his humour, compassion and softness. I would like to call him” The gentle giant”. He worked hard to make a beautiful abode for us. He worked graveyard shifts too. I still remember there were days when I didn’t see him at night. He was always true to his word. He would tuck  us into bed and read . My habit of reading was inculcated by him. The love for cricket was instilled in me at a young age. He had a cricket team which he would play for , accompanying him, I learnt to be the audience. Cheering him and learning the game. 

My childhood was spent in his loving arms. My only regret is he was taken too soon  from us. He left us on 23 rd January in the wee hours. The final goodbye was sudden. None of us by his side. We never knew that was the final farewell. 

No matter what time we had with him, it was the best. Embedded , imprinted on our souls. 

I always wonder what joyous moments we would have spent in his midst. Travelling, reading and seeing the world together. I know he would have been the proudest of my poetic journey today.

I alway know deep down that he’s watching me from far above, from the sky’s of heaven , a heavenly star watches me and guides me ever!

My father was the favourite wherever he went. He left people in giggles, smiles and laughter. A man who tolerated no lies and deceit. He raised his voice against injustice. Extremely compassionate, humane and kind. 

An excellent doting father, who always had time for his children even with his busy schedule.

After he left us, we heard only praises for him.

My favourite one shall always be” What a man he was”

Truly he was one of a kind.

His love for desserts was inherited by all of us 😃.

So much to say, yet the words stay lost,

Oh dear dad!

The best was yet to come,

You were called away to play 

the grand finale with the best,

The creator summoned you,

To light his joyous abode,

Your laughter resonates there,

Making the angels smile in glee.

My dear dad you are always in my heart. 

In every breath,

In every moment!  

You have my heart forever!

The man who stole my heart forever!

My dear dad 🥰🥰🥰

Monday, January 16, 2023

Magic within misty mornings

 The morning was Misty and dewy. Kia woke up feeling dreamy. The essence of life was it found in the dreamy white landscape surrounded by your loved ones. 

It was so good to be home. Christmas morning filled with the fervour and excitement. The ritual which would be played out after years. They had all flown the nest. Getting back together after almost 2 decades. Kia sat in her balcony. Looking at the pristine white landscape. Her coffee mug in her hand. She loved the flavour. It had the flavour of the bygone. The one she had loved the most. It tasted of undulated love. How she missed those beautiful days. Days filled with love. How life had just changed one dawn. Where had that carefree Kia gone? She was never found again. Lost in the journey. Today she found a tiny part of her again. 

She loved the yellow flowers left by her cousins. They knew she liked her coffee and loved to have fresh flowers sitting by her bedside table. 

She could already  hear the excited. The grand Christmas lunch. 

She got dressed and came down in time for her Christmas lunch. Dressed in red. After a long time she could feel true happiness. 

They sat by the Christmas tree, singing the carols at the top of her voice. 

Then followed by their favourite dishes. It was all quiet now. The shadows playing at the windows. She looked at the fireplace. The red glowing embers speaking to her.

What would life hold? Wondered she.

It was time to join in the festivities. Tomorrow morning they were flying out to a beautiful Greek island. 

It was a destination wedding.

Tonight was the big celebratory dinner.

She was going up to her room to get ready for dinner. 

As she was going, she heard her grandfather calling out to her. 

She hurriedly went to his room. He smiled and said “ You didn’t take your Christmas gift”

He held a small velvet box. She opened it and found the most beautiful ring set in Pink diamond. 

She loved it. She hugged her grandfather tightly.

There are tears in his eyes. He said” Kia ! I want to see you married before I leave for my final journey. Will I get to attend your wedding”

She just mumbled something. In her room, she stood in pensive silence. How to tell her grandfather that she had sworn not to get married. She had no place for love in her life! She was done with it. 

She saw his face yet again, the chapter of pain he had written, was etched for a lifetime. 

Monday Motivation

 The joy of another beautiful day comes to greet you anew!  The joy of being able to be up and about and breathe in the essence of a beautif...